Agroecology: one of the "tools" for degrowth


  • Miguel Alfredo Ruiz López


Palabras clave:

Development, Philosophy of Science, Sustainability, Technological changes.


Degrowth proposes an economy and a society which means, on the ecological side, a lower consumption of energy and materials, and, on the social side, putting into effect the principles of organization based not on the priorities of the market, but on the autonomy, the care of people, reciprocity and social interaction. In agriculture, as in other areas, the voices of people have grown progressively: farmers, professionals in the field, researchers, academics, challenging the so-called modern agriculture to highlight their problems and their inability to meet the requirements and challenges faced by mankind, especially, the feeding of population and  avoidance of environmental contamination. Proposals such as agroecology suggest concrete actions to build a degrowth society from agriculture. This study shows the problem that the prevailing models, monocultures, established as hegemonic, causes to society, concluding that Agroecology and Degrowth implies alternative solutions so that, as a society, we walk in search of humanity, in order to get rid of these dark times and reach perhaps the modernity that we have been searchng for centuries.


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Cómo citar

Ruiz López, M. A. (2018). Agroecology: one of the "tools" for degrowth. Scientia Et Technica, 23(4), 598–605.



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